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About this collection

The Howard W. Hunter Chair of Mormon Studies in the Claremont Graduate University's School of Religion was established in 2008. The appointment of the Chair led to the creation of a variety of Mormon Studies courses, lectures, conferences, projects, and oral history collections. The Claremont Mormon Studies Collection features videos and papers from Mormon Studies conferences and lectures, recorded and/or transcribed oral life histories with U.S. and international Mormons, and digitized primary sources about Mormonism outside the U.S.

Below is a list of the various materials contained in The Claremont Mormon Studies collection:

Digital Primary Sources Collections

San Bernardino Mormon Colony Collection
This collection will digitize materials from the California Room of the San Bernardino Historical Society.  The modern city of San Bernardino was settled by Mormon colonists from Utah in 1851, and the California Room maintains many materials related to these early Mormon settlements.

Claremont Mormon Women Oral History Collection
Begun under the leadership of Dr. Claudia Bushman in 2009, this oral history collection contains over two hundred oral life histories of Mormon women. These oral histories document women’s life experiences as well as perspectives on Mormonism and gender roles. The majority of the collection is comprised of oral histories of women in the U.S., but it also contains several oral histories from Mormon women in Mexico, South Africa, and Australia. Identifying information is redacted from these oral history transcriptions, but unredacted versions are contained in bound volumes in the Claremont Colleges Library Special Collections.

Global Mormon Oral History Collection
This emerging collection began in 2019 and contains the transcribed oral histories of Mormons who were born outside the United States. Some audio recordings are also available. Currently, it contains transcribed and translated oral histories of Mormons from Madagascar. Soon to be added are oral histories from Mormons in Nicaragua, Bolivia, and Australia.

LGBTQ Mormon Oral History Collection
This forthcoming collection features the audio recordings of oral life histories of LGBTQ Mormons, whose stories and perspectives are underrepresented in collections of material about the Mormon tradition.

International Mormonism Collection
This forthcoming collection digitizes and archives materials related to international Mormonism. These materials will include diaries, letters, photographs, and congregational ephemera.

Conference and Event Records

Our Visions, Our Voices: Mormon Women's Literary Tour
This poetry reading was held on March 22, 2010. It featured the works of three visiting poets: Joanna Brooks, Susan Scott, and Lisa Van Orme Hadley and one resident poet, Elisa Pulido. Video from the poetry reading is available.

Mormonism Through the Eyes of Women: Envisioning New Spaces for Theology and Practice
This conference was held on Friday, March 27, 2009. It was sponsored by The Singer Foundation, The LDS Council on Mormon Studies, The Claremont School of Religion and The Claremont Mormon Studies Student Association. Papers and video from the conference are available.

Women’s Lives, Women’s Voices: Agency in the Lives of Mormon Women
This conference, held on February 5, 2011, explored the choices, insights, and agency of Mormon women. Keynote speakers included Aileen Clyde, former 2nd Counselor in the Latter-day Saint General Relief Society Presidency, and Emily Clyde Curtis, her granddaughter and co-editor of the Exponent II magazine. Other speakers addressed theories of agency and subjectivity in the lives of women as well as themes found in Claremont Graduate University's Mormon Women's Oral History Project. Papers and video from the conference are available.

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